Beware of the oil on the road; it’s a slippery affair

In most parts of the country, especially on rural roads as well as highways that are frequented by trucks, you sometimes find oil and diesel spilled on the road. Such oil spills are hazards that are all potentially dangerous traps for two-wheeler… Read More

Flat tyre situation, are you prepared?

Getting a flat tyre can be extremely dangerous while riding. Ideally, you should check your tyres before hitting the road and ensure that it is not balding and has not become vulnerable to punctures. However, an odd nail or a sharp-edged element… Read More

Riding at night? Learn to fight the glare

Riding a motorcycle at night is much more difficult than riding during the day. One of the most difficult night riding obstacles to overcome on a motorcycle is the glare from oncoming traffic. Here are some tips to keep you safe while… Read More

The art of balancing and cornering a motorcycle

Motorcycles have an advantage over two-wheelers when it comes to treading on to several paths where many vehicles cannot go, especially the uneven and sometimes non metalled roads and sharp curves and corners. However, before hitting such terrains, the rider must learn… Read More

12 actions that make you a ‘Hero’ on road

Well, no. The biking action sequences and those stunts that you see in movies do not make you a hero on the road. On the road, the real hero is the one who is bothered about his and others’ safety, rides with patience,… Read More

All set to Zoom? Wait, learn to brake as well

Brakes are the single most important safety feature of your motorcycle. Although we all know this, sometimes we can let things slip. To help protect the safety of you and your loved ones, master these braking tips First, decelerate completely. Secondly, apply… Read More

Sitting on the two-wheeler, are you prepared?

Ho Ho! It might sound funny, but experience of Hero’s safety experts says that many riders do not know how to ‘get on to the bike.’ It is difficult to believe, but come to think of it, how many times you see… Read More

How about getting safety tips from a professional?

There are car driving schools at every nook and corner nowadays, but you rarely hear of a motorcycle riding school. It is recommended that every new rider must take a basic motorcycle safety course. India, unlike many European countries, you do not… Read More

Beginning the two-wheeler fun – Getting the right gear

Riding gear is extremely important for the protection of a two-wheeler rider. May be the safety gear you choose cannot prevent an accident, but it can surely make all the difference if something does happen. Here is quick guide on safety gear… Read More

Beginning the two-wheeler fun – It’s a safe bet

Two-wheeler is a great fun. The best way to learn how to properly ride is to ride in a controlled environment. One must always practice safety first and before taking on roads must ensure that your two-wheeler is in right shape and… Read More