Once victim of gender discrimination, Girisha now leads community initiatives

Born to a daily-wage earner with uncertainties of getting regular meals in a gender biased community, being able to pass tenth grade was an achievement in itself for Girisha. And that probably would have been her last achievement too as her father… Read More

Hamari Pari Alla, a short story of a little change –

Insignificant social status, family’s financial compulsions with father Atchuta Rao being a daily-wage earner and three younger siblings to be taken care of, 18-year-old Alla  Sravani’s life in  Asivanipallem in Viskhapatanam can be imagined as depressing. However, unlike many girls who are… Read More

Can empowered girl end poverty?

Millennium Development Goals have made gender equality and women empowerment the third top priority in ending world poverty. One of their focuses in improving gender equality is through education. ‘In many countries, gender inequality persists and women continue to face discrimination in… Read More

Five reasons why we need to empower our girls

Every year the United Nation Foundation and its partner and associated organizations celebrate International Day of the Girl and the extraordinary power of girls in our world. In 2015, the theme of the Day was ‘The Power of the Adolescent Girl: Vision… Read More

Six facts we must know and act upon

Although great efforts are being made through campaigns – some even starting from the Prime Minister’s office and go down to the panchayat level – it seems a lot more id yet to be done and each conscious individual has to play… Read More

Empowering the girl, strengthening the nation’s foundation

Empowering girls at the grassroots is the need of the hour and none of need to understand the reason for the same. One may simply so a Google search on the subject and can find out the odds that little girls across… Read More